LS Power is working with communities to provide solutions that
create jobs and are protective of the environment


Our Commitment

Environmental Stewardship

LS Power is sensitive to local and regional issues and customizes its projects accordingly. Beyond a variety of solar project initiatives, this focus has included design features that seek to promote the recycling or conservation of water, allow for the use of biomass fuels, and provide co-generation opportunities for neighboring industries.

November 2011- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Commends Shift to Cleaner Energy


Our Commitment

Community Involvement

LS Power seeks local input to develop its projects to fit within the plans and goals of the community. These projects are expected to create quality jobs, provide considerable revenues for schools and local government, and fulfill a need for energy, which is critical to the sustainability and growth of our economy.

November 2011- NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney Commends Job Creation & Tax Payments